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About Us

Our Story

Jeremy built the application multiple times over a period of almost 10 years. The first time it was built to support students in a project management class. Another time, the focus was to support management consulting projects. Later on, he worked closely with a home builder to support construction projects. Another version was structured around the standards maintained by the Project Management Institute.

Each time the application was built, Jeremy learned which functions were important and which ones were not. When he started building the application for Seamless Project Management, he made strategic decisions to balance powerful functionality with ease of use. With valuable input through regular meetings with cofounders, this functionality was improved and refined. We are proud and excited to see how we can support your project management processes with our software.

We value people

The cofounders of Seamless Project Management share a common set of values and beliefs. We value people and relationships. We believe that the way one treats people matters. We love to serve and care genuinely about the success of our coworkers and customers. We hope to find and serve organizations that share these same values.


Because we are self-funded and keep our costs low, we are able to serve customers efficiently.


We are excellent at service. The founders share extensive experience in service industries, and we love to serve.

Domain knowledge

Having taught PMP certification classes, we know the professional standards. Having managed projects in various industries, we have practical experience.

Jeremy Bellah


Brandi Thomas


Victor Carneiro